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Dr Lillian Nejad

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September 17th
3:30 am AEST
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Sep 10

3:30 pm AEST

Sep 17

3:30 am AEST

Building Resilience in Yourself and in Your Business


Here is What You'll Learn

Get insights on skills and practices to implement

Dr Lillian Nejad (Clinical Psychologists) will provide great insight on focusing on your mental well being during these times and show you some quick steps to implement now to have an impact on yourself and your team.

Coping with anxiety in tough times (Replay Available Now) Sept 10th

  • The difference between functional and dysfunctional anxiety
  • The impact of anxiety
  • Skills and strategies to cope with and reduce anxiety that you can apply immediately
  • Stay for an extra 15 minutes and do a Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise to finish off the session.

Building resilience in yourself and in your team Sept 17th

  • What is resilience?
  • Why is resilience important for you and your business?
  • How do we build resilience?
  • What are the core skills to being resilient for yourself and your business?

Designed for the hospitality industry

These webinars are specifically for the hospitality community. Presented and supported by hospitality companies who want to help make a difference to the mental well being of our community.


About Dr Lillian Nejad

Lillian Nejad, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and author with over 20 years of experience. She has applied her extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of settings as a Senior Psychologist in public mental health services, a University Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor, in private practice, and within community and corporate organisations. Lillian’s broad range of experience in mental health has led to a number of specialist areas and interests including anxiety and stress, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, resilience, and insomnia.

Lillian has recently founded “Skills for Life,” an online platform that delivers mental health and well-being courses, workshops and coaching that empower people with the skills they need to improve their quality of life at home and at work. She is passionate about supporting people and businesses who contribute to society’s sense of enjoyment, connection, culture and diversity and specifically those who have been adversely affected by the pandemic in the hospitality and arts and entertainment industries.

Lillian's mission is to provide accurate information and strategies in an accessible, genuine and engaging manner that fosters positive change for everyone involved.

September 17th
3:30 am AEST